I'm using Members+Email Template Manager. I tried a mail with a raw recipient, and it works. Now I've attached a Ds to the page, so that /data/member-data/entry/email/text() returns the right email address. But if I put this value in the Email template recipient field, as {/data/member-data/entry/email/text()}, I get an error:

<send-test-email result="success" type="created" id="83">
        <filter name="permission" status="passed" />
        <message message-id="100">Entry created successfully.</message>
        <filter name="etm-test-email" status="failed">Can not send an email to nobody, please set a recipient.</filter>

Thanks for any suggestion

ETM's email templates do not have the same parameters as a Symphony page. You can see the available parameters by appending ?debug=params to the preview URL — you will see that it's just a subset of Symphony's page parameters. In addition to these you can use the parameters described in the README. I give you an example, but I don't know if it is similar to your usecase:

Let's say someone submits an order. The order section has an SBL field for the Member who submitted the order. So the Member ID gets saved to the SBL. Now you can attach an orders section data source which gets filtered by the $etm-entry-id parameter. So your template can use a single orders entry to add data to the output. In the datasource, you can also define parameter output of the saved Member ID. This, in turn, can be used to filter a second data source (Members section), which outputs the Member data.

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