I am using Symphony2.6.7 with Members extension and Members-form utilities. If I don't include a Members:Role in the Membres (Members) section, I can use the members-form-register.xsl without any problems.

When I add it in the Membres section, doing nothing else there is an error message on submission that says:

"'Role' is a required field.

After reading doc, I conclude that I must have Members:Lock role filter enabled in the event associated with the form. But in this case I get the following message

Symphony Fatal Error: Call to a member function getFieldHandle() on a non-object An error occurred in /home/zoral389/public_html/extensions/members/lib/member.symphony.php around line 299

I don't find what is wrong. Thank you for help.

To work it around, I added

<input name="fields[role]" value="Public" type="hidden" />

in the members-form-register. Since there, visitors can create an account but:

  1. In the backend, an administrator (the primary) cannot activate this account. He gets the message Role is "Role is a required field".He cannot even change the role.

  2. In the frontend, the user cannot activate his account

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