Hi Symphoteam!

I'm french so please excuse my english level.

Is it possible to make a comparator website such as this one with Symphony?

Thank you very much.

Yes, certainly!

You might have a section which stores your "things to compare" – e.g. universities. This could contain many fields – name, logo, number of courses, satisfaction rating etc.

You'd have a page which outputs the full list of universities from a data source which contains only basic information about each university – name, logo, etc. This would give you a summary of each university in a big list.

You could then use something like the Storage extension to allow people to select the universities they want to compare – this would work much like a shopping cart (which is probably the most common use of this extension).

When people visit the 'comparison' page, you would use the list of universities they have stored to filter a second data source containing the full information about each university (number of courses, satisfaction rating etc.) and display this side by side.

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