I use the association field and the association UI (with delight). I also use the multilingual reflection field (very useful). Both work fine. Only combining them fails: When pointing with the association UI at a multilingual reflection field, the UI only shows entry IDs instead of text. The association UI seems to look for the normal entry name but with the multilingual reflection, all content is saved with language suffixes (title-de for example).

Has anyone have a hint? A workaround? Thank you!


Maybe the reflection field can help with that.

For example I make an image preview in my image section and link that reflection field to the association field.

<img src='{root}/image/2/50/50/5{entry/img/@path}/{entry/img/filename}'/> {entry/title}

Thanks, plenaforma, and sorry for the late replay. I have been on holiday.

I use the reflection's handle to link to a page. Therefore it needs to be multilingual.

I guess the answer might simply be: The multilingual reflection does not work with the association extension as it was not updated since three years. I'll try to contact vlad-ghita.

Would somebody be interested – as a paid job – in enabling multilingual reflection to work with the association extension? Or the other way round: To make the association extension work with multilingual reflection. I have tried to contact vlad-ghita but failed.

Sorry for spotting this late - If you could ping me jon[at] would like to understand exactly what you want to achieve exactly and see how we can get it done.

Thanks a lot to gunglien who programmed a fix, funded by my employer, Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten. I've just created a pull request in the repository. DeuxHuitHuit, could you please merge?

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