Can anyone point me to an example of using the "Multilingual" extension in conjunction with the "Subsection Manager" extension?

Specifically, I'm trying to figure out how to call fields within a subsection based on the currently selected language. I currently have it setup to select a subsection based on the language, but this means we need to have a version of the subsection for each language instead of a single entry with multiple fields for each language.

For example, we have two sections called "Pages" and "Content Section." We use Subsection Manager to insert "Content Sections" into a "Page."

Each Page has a field for each language we support. So, for example:

Title Title-ja Title-es

Main-content Main-content-ja Main-content-es

Content-section //(this is a subsection) Content-section-ja Content-section-es

Ideally, I would like to automatically select the correct fields in the subsection based on the language.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hello ericb

I would like to extend your question from subsection manager to doing multilingual with Symphony and to the new association field.

Your approach to multiple languages is making fields for each language. This has the disadvantage that you need to choose which field to use. Would you have the possibility to switch to another multiligual approach?

This post describes another way to do multilingual (the right way, as it boldly states). Instead of making fields for each language, the languages are contained within one field. Your frontend delivers the language chosen by a language parameter in the url (… or…). This way you can always point to the same field.

Subsection manager has been deprecated. Association field is its successor. It seems to be possible to migrate (I haven't done it myself). If you choose to change to the multilingual approach described above, your association field points at the one text field with multiple language; no need to choose which field to use. With reflection field it is possible to show images in the association.

The image attached shows the backend of a site I am currently developing, with multilingual and association.

Have a nice Saturday Moritz


Thanks for this response. The site in question is a bit of a legacy, and I think several rounds of updates are in order. It's good to have a roadmap forward.

Multilingual doesn’t work with Subsection Manager, sorry. See #7. If I remember correctly, I had core associations working in an updated version, but never released it because of some breaking changes and unfinished documentation.

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