(Just for reference if some other symphony users have the same need and as me are not very php.)

Scenario : a section has a unique field, (in the following case, it is an email). A front end form allow to create an new entry. If you need to update an existing entry (in the following case a security hash) instead of creating a new one, here is a custom event (thanks to @jonmifsud):

    public function load()
    require_once(TOOLKIT . '/class.entrymanager.php');

    if (isset($_POST['action']['subscription'])) {

        # create new hash
        $_POST['fields']['hash'] = sha1(serialize($_POST) . uniqid());

        # find existing entry ID
        $email = $_POST['fields']['email'];
        $existingentryid = Symphony::Database()->fetchVar("entry_id",0,"SELECT entry_id FROM sym_entries_data_XXX WHERE value = '$email'");

        if (isset($existingentryid)) {
            # Security check:
            # does other post values match existing entry? Here testing the birthdate
            $birthdate = $_POST['fields']['birthdate'];
            $EntryManager = new EntryManager(Symphony::Engine());
            $data = $EntryManager->fetch($existingentryid);
            $savedBirthdate = $data[0]->getData(YYY);
            $savedBirtdateFormated = date("Y-m-d", strtotime($savedBirthdate['value']));
            if ($birthdate == $savedBirtdateFormated) {
                # update
                $_POST['id'] = $existingentryid;

        return $this->__trigger();

XXX is the email field ID and YYY the birthdate field ID

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