Hi guys, wanted to see if anyone here is using infinite scroll on their website and how they are accomplishing it? I am trying to cut down my website load time.

I cruised through the forums and saw there was an old extension "Infinite Scroll" but it has since been removed/Git Hub link is broken.

Any comments/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Adam (for reference)

Hi Adam,

this feature can be done with basic build-in Symphony features of returning paginated content via datasource, and having a javascript on frontend, doing the requests and returns of this content, for which you can find many javascript libraries on net or howtos on this, because there are only few steps to do (compared to other features like sliders, form validation etc.).

I have recently created inf. scrolling for a site, but it's tailored for the content and not yet published.

Maybe some other tips on how to further speed up your site besides inf. scroll:

  • Some image thumbnails on your site do not utilize JIT to generate small size thumbnail versions. Instead they use the original large photos, scaled just by the browser, which takes lots of time to download
  • Use datasource caching when possible
  • Check out also lazy loading, e.g. lazysizes
  • Minify and bundle your JS and CSS

BTW your site looks pretty amazing, also content-wise.

Hi Juro,

Thanks a lot for replying! This information is very helpful. I am familiar with pagination and I did attempt the javascript route in the past with no success (I should have put this information in initial response). Although, it was some time ago and I will look again for howtos as I'm sure there is more out there.

These other tips are very helpful! I'll look into them first to see what performance gains I get and then go from there.

And thanks so much for the compliment. It means a lot!

Thanks again!! Adam

I cannot believe I am not using JIT. It's something I used on a prior design and I guess I inadvertently just left it off on this design. I am sure that alone will help a lot!

Thanks again for being so thorough and helpful.

JIT implementation jumped my PageSpeed score from 1/100 to 55/100. On to the next (e.g., caching)...thanks again, man!

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