When using the event to send an email notification, if I use the <input name="id"... to keep the entries from getting out of control, everything seems to work fine. The entry gets updated correctly, BUT the email does not get sent.

If I remove the <input name="id"... line it adds a new entry and then sends the email properly.

Is this how it is supposed to work? Can you not just have one entry that houses the email form results and still have the email sent? I don't want to have a million entries get added over the years as people use the contact form on my customer's site.


I looked at the code and tested it as well. It works. The email will be sent no matter if you create a new entry or update an existing entry.

Which version of Symphony is it? (I tested with Symphony 2.7.6.)

BTW, if you want more flexibility regarding the email that is sent, check out the Email Template Manager extension!

I figured it out. The Gateway needed to be set to a valid email address that the server can send from. It is strange though that the even with the gateway set to nothing, the email would get sent as long as I did not use the hidden id input.

I still think your results were random. Maybe emails were sent, but not accepted by the receiving server. But I do not think that there is a difference in creating vs. updating an entry — I do not see any technical reason for such behaviour.

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