Back in 2008 I made a site for a friend in Symphony 1.7. Now the webhost decided to drop support for PHP prior to 7.0 which isn't a bad decision security-wise. Therefore the quite outdated Symphony 1.7 wasn't working anymore. So I tried to fix the many script-errors that were thrown and finally got the site up and running again with a more or less "custom" version.

Now that everything is working again, I thought, I could try to upgrade to the latest version to get the site back in to the "support" range. But that doesn't seem to be a trivial task.

Has anyone an easy to follow tutorial for the steps involed? Honestly, if it is too much of a hassle, I won't do it because the site isn't that important. But if i don't know what is need to be done I don't know if it is woth it. ;)

wkr Matthias

I started with Symphony 2.x, so I’m not totally sure. But I think there is no direct strightforward way to migrate directly. A bigger problem is likely extensions.

@a-dead-trousers - how complicated is the site? If it is a fairly simple site, I would just recreate the sections in Symphony 2.7.7 and migrate the data with XML Importer. Then you will have to recreate your data sources. Unfortunately, there is not an upgrade path from Symphony 1.7 to Symphony 2.x since it was such a major shift in direction of the CMS. Totally different file base.

@bzerangue *thumbsup*

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