Is there any way to limit a datasource by more than one parameter via the required URL parameter? I have a situation where I know my data source is going to get very big:

Application -> Application Release(s) -> Feature(s)

The filtering is working just fine, and I filter my “Features” by the parameter Application Release - System ID. The problem is that on the Page I have created for my Application Release list, the Features data source is going to get massive.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to specify that I’d only like the features datasource to work when there is a single Application Release System ID present, but that doesn’t seem possible - ie. if there’s more than one System ID listed, the data source returns an empty result set.

Has anyone got any ideas about how to achieve this? This discussion sounds relevant, but it’s been quiet for a while:

Can you explain a little more about your URL structure? I assume you’re trying to do all of this on a single page?

Yes, sorry - I am trying to do this on a single page. The page currently has the following URL structure:


So a common URL might look like:


The URL parameters all work as expected right now - I’d just like to be able to limit the “Features” datasource further by saying that if you go to:

  • /application/hyperspaces/
  • /application/hyperspaces/beta/

The “Features” datasource is empty.

and it doesn’t work to put $application-version as the required param?


Thanks, Craig. I knew I shouldn’t have been coding at 3am.

Yeah, brings out the best in all of us ;)

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