UPDATE: This utility wasn't really helpful in this first place, and I've since chosen another method of accomplishing this, see here:

A new XSLT utility, "Calendar generation" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

@scott - are you using this utility on a site somewhere?


Looking at this Calendar XSLT utility and I’m trying to figure how to use it in a template.. any pointers?

can somebody help me to set it up? i get only errors. and where’s the file get-schedule.xsl ?

@julian - would you mind posting your xml and xslt?


I’m using it on

An example of the get-schedule.xsl can be found at the workspace:—symphony-workspace/blob/master/utilities/get-schedule.xsl

To get it to act more like a template, I attempted to stub out the actual code relating to putting crap in the calendar, which is what that file does.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t notice this before!

scottkf: Would you mind posting the XML you’re using with that template? Without it, the template doesn’t make much sense to me :-)

This is one entry of the XML that get-schedule.xsl uses:

     <entry id="1705">
            <item handle="red" id="161">Red</item>
        <name handle="red">Red</name>
        <date mode="weeks" units="1">
            <start time="15:00" weekday="1">2010-09-13</start>
            <current time="15:00" weekday="1">2010-09-27</current>
            <current time="15:00" weekday="1">2010-09-20</current>
            <current time="15:00" weekday="1">2010-09-13</current>
            <end time="16:00" weekday="1">2010-12-20</end>
        <description word-count="0" />

The date portion is generated through a modified extension of rowan’s calendar field. For me, at the time, it was easier to have the extension generate recent dates to put on the calendar for something like this, than to extrapolate it from XSL.

@scottkf - Thanks for posting an example. Very helpful.

Plz post the get-schedule.xsl too !

Plz post the get-schedule.xsl too !

It's here.

Thanks VladG ! how to call the calendar in symphony pages ? using call-template ? what is the parameter required can anybody post the code ?

Don't know.

i dont know how to call this xslt in my pages :(

after creating the "get-schedule.xsl" and calendar.xsl when i include the calendar.xsl and call the template am getting this error

   XSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): unregistered variable year
    XSLTProcessor::transformToXml(): xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed

how to fix this ?

i gave the url parameter as year/month now the error is gone , after that what else is to be done so that i can get the calendar in the page

If you have any questions, the full source code for that site is available at I will be revisiting this soon to hopefully simplify this process, maybe a more useful utility will result :)

What is this? A ghost from a time long ago? Welcome back, Scott! :-D

Heya :)

It's interesting, because I truly wish I could work with Symphony more. Every time I get involved or start a new project I push for using it in an almost unrelenting way I often get some vulgar nicknames. When dealing with only websites, it's not a huge deal to push for, but when dealing with webapps the biggest issue that arises is always testing. For these web apps I always have to wind up using rails for it's accountability.

When I have some time I'll have to try to figure out how exactly to go about dealing with this with Symphony!

Like cucumber for Symphony?

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