A new XSLT utility, “Login form injection” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This is a useful utility.

I think it is better to update it, adding the "$root" parameter in the form "action" attribute.

<form action="{$root}/symphony/" method="post">

In this way we can use it also if symphony is running in a sub-directory (in example in a localhost installation).

Login form injection updated to version 1.1 on 18th of March 2011

Done. :-)

flash! :-)

phoque, this utility uses the XPath expression data[events/user/@logged-in = 'false'], but I can't see the user node in my XML. In my case (using Symphony 2.2) it is called login-info. I admit that I have seen user once, but I can't remember under which circumstances.

Can you clear this up?

The element login-info is only used if you're logged in. For everybody else, user is used instead.

Thanks! (I actually never knew this.)

But isn't this illogical? I'd like to know the rationale behind this.

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