I'm using slightly modified version of default symphony theme for personal stuff in localhost, and I'm such a noob - I can't figure out how to change position of Notes, so they could be in different place - in right sidebar, instead of under articles. Could you guys help me out with this?

bump! I see no1 answered this, and I'd STILL like to know how to put notes in sidebar.

Hi, You'll have to edit your template files, which are in XSL. Any changes to the template / html structure have to be done through there.

is there any tutorial or directions to do that? that's what I need.

Wow, i admire your patience when i look at you last posts date ;-)
I suggest this tutorial although it might be a bit outdated and not sure it's compatible with the latest version of symphony.
Try copying <xsl:apply-templates select="notes"/> in home.xsl.
If you copy it to another page make sure you include the notes template <xsl:import href="../utilities/get-notes.xsl"/>
And that your 'notes' datasource is attached to your page.

Good luck!

i tried copying that but I got some sort of 'parent' error?

You might need to be a bit more specific :)

To be fair it sounds like you're not super-experienced with markup - we've all been there, I'm not judging, but if you're after a tutorial it sounds like you should be starting with some basic XSLT and HTML stuff, this doesn't sound like you're struggling with Symphony itself. Although Symphony isn't technically difficult to code with, I wouldn't generally recommend it for someone inexperienced with building web sites (although I wouldn't like to put you off).

Try <xsl:apply-templates select="/data/notes"/>

I agree with @nathanhornby
When i began with symphony i did the 'say hello to symphony tutorial' about three times before i had my 'click'. I really recommend looking into that first... It covers most of symphony's basics.
I also recommend looking for some other tutorials as well.

okay. thanks guys. I'll give it a look. and yes it's true, I don't understand XSLT all that much, sadly.

fortunatly, it's not that hard, compared to other scripting, like js or php, at least i find...
It's much like html and css.
Just give it a couple of days...

Good luck again!

what does this error actually mean? /& how 2 avoid it, obviously?

element template only allowed as child of stylesheet

that's what i get when I try to put it into master.xsl

Make sure you paste it inside <xsl:template match="data"> in home.xsl or any other page
But make sure to follow the guidelines i posted above.

I've finally realized that all I had to do was mark get-notes.xsl in that box where utilities are listed, and it added piece of code:

<xsl:import href="get-notes.xsl"/>

then I added your code in sidebar:

<xsl:apply-templates select="/data/notes"/>

and everything is good now. all it needs now is a bit of css styling. :)

Allright, good to hear!
Make sure you get into xslt to get some basic understanding of how templating works...

Edit: From symphony 2.4 you will have to include your templates via code editors, since the online editor is deprecated. Just like i described in my earlier post...

Though, there are extensions for online editing...


Glad you got it working!

Just for reference, to address this error specifically (in case you run into a similar one again):

element template only allowed as child of stylesheet

It really does mean exactly what it says, the <template /> element needs to be a child of <stylesheet />, i.e. it needs to be nested within it.

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