I have some problems importing an external feed. Current setup for the importer is this. I'm a bit confused about the XML namespaces. What should I put there?

XML Importer returns "0 entries found".

Appreciate any help.


Why won't this extension work with multilingual?

Same problem for me. Trying to import this xml in a section with multilingual field and i've got only the first letter!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<item>Aéronautique / Aérospatiale (civil et militaire) </item>
<item>Agriculture / Sylviculture / Pêche / Chasse</item>
<item>Architecture / Design et services associés</item>

i've used both text() and node() method with same results.

You could either add a prepareImportValue() method to the multilingual field (have a look at the README) or add an additional condition in class.xmlimporter.php for the multilingual field, like

else if ($type == 'multilingual') {
    $value = array('value' => implode('', $value), 'value-LANGUAGE_CODE' => implode('', $value));

The latter was only a quick hack that allowed me to import only into one language. I hope this helps to get you started.

@vlad, try something like

<xsl:variable name="nodeset" select="document('')/gesmes:Envelope/eurofxref:Cube/*" />


Can you fork the extension so I can pull your repo with that change?


Thank's a lot!
work's like a charm..

Can you fork the extension so I can pull your repo with that change?

The change is too specific and suboptimal to go into a public fork. The change is near the end of the validate() method around line 240.

Thank's a lot! work's like a charm..


Sounds like I should write an article about prepareImportValue so more developers are aware of it and how it works. Editing an extension to support other extensions is a wasted exercise as it will never end!

Ever since I upgraded from Symphony 2.2.1 upgrade to Symphony 2.2.5, I've been having an issue the XML Importer. It keeps overwriting the previous entry. I have the XML importer set to update existing entries, and the unique portion of the section is the date. I have a weekly entry pulling from an external source. Every week, that date is different (so it's unique).

Has anyone had an issue with this?

I'm using XML Importer 1.1.

I've been successful with 2.2.4, not sure about 5

@brendo I like what you're saying! do you know a solution?

The solution has existed since the birth of the XML Importer extension, it's just never been publicised. Article has been drafted and is being proofed now, should be up by weekend's end at the latest.

I've moved the second revision of a website in concept to a test server.

Local the xml-importer works fine but on the test server I got the following error message (also see attachement): DOMXPath::query(): Invalid or inclomplete context An error occurred in /var/www/html/OZP/preview/extensions/xmlimporter/lib/class.xmlimporter.php around line 126

In the first revision there were no problems. I made a (simple) new xml importer on the test server and it gives also the error. I replaced the extension with a fresh download from github and still the same error.

I really have no clue what went wrong.

Symphony Error.png

Is the data that you are importing the same between your local and test servers? I think this issue may arise when the XML is invalid or has strange characters in it.

It is the same source.

EDIT try another xml feed (twitter) and that does work. It seems my source file gives the problem indeed.

Here a link to the source. It's delivered by Funda, a leading real estate company in the Netherlands.

I thought someone from Funda is active here on the forum (wink).

Still local works but on test server not. The source doesn't give a namespace but I've tried the twitter source without namespace and that doesn't give an error.

Also tried to load the source from //localhost, but same error msg. Can it be a setting/restriction at the hostingparty?

I've got this working locally but it did take a little adjusting.

I had to up the timeout to 10, $dsParamTIMEOUT in the saved file, and I had to make the XPath quite specific so that the ?debug view would not time out, //ObjectenLijst/Object[1].

Perhaps your local setup has more memory and a higher timeout than your server?

Brendo in what saved file do you change $dsParamTIMEOUT?

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