I just copied an install over from my vps to a GoDaddy account. When I try to load a page, I get an error:

‘Invalid error type specified’

directed to /symphony/lib/core/class.datetimeobj.php line 6:

  if(!@date_default_timezone_set($timezone)) trigger_error(E_USER_WARNING, "Invalid timezone '{$timezone}'");

Commenting out that line lets the site run fine. I would really rather not edit the core like that, and I’d like to resolve it completely. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks!

That error is a result of the variables sent to trigger_error() being in the wrong order. The error type is the 2nd parameter, not the 1st. Can you submit this as an issue please?

Done. Thanks! I was more in atrouble-posting mode than trouble-shooting mode this afternoon.

Might be a bit late, but if anyone is wondering what could cause this issue it is when you move your config.php file between servers which allows different timezone settings. To fix it, open your config.php file on your server and replace region → timezone’s value with eg. Europe/Oslo.

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