This is a long shot, but does anyone know of a way to access/export an IMAP mailbox to XML in realtime from arbitrary mail servers? I want to be able to keep using IMAP services like those found on shared hosting accounts and Gmail.

I’ve been kicking around an idea of writing a ticketing system using Symphony and something like the above, but I haven’t found anything that’ll let me get to email data in real time.

Edit: 25 seconds later - - that’ll work for Gmail at the least (which I use), but I’m still interested in something better abstracted from the server.

A couple of months ago I wrote a tiny example using imap_open(). Unfortunately, I’ve already deleted the file… It was only 10 lines long though.

It would simply open the connection to the IMAP server, read out all mails and return them as XML, ready to be imported.

Edit: In case somebody downloaded it back then, speak up! :-)

And double derr, I was part of that conversation as well. Complete mental blank, I swear. Thanks, Phoque!

The gmail feed is limited to the summary of unread emails. I have project where the entire email, and its attachment would be needed in xml. So my only option is IMAP or POP I guess. Is Phoque's script still around?
Symphony doesn't have a mailing module for receiving email?

As far as sending email with attachment goes, when using gmail smtp, is the included smtpgateway sufficient to compose with attachments? If nothing out of the box, isn't there an extension to add swiftmailer?(without the entire email newsletters extension that contains it)

Or if in nor out with attachments is available out of the box, maybe one extra basic class (as extension) combining both would be ideal? What would be a good symphonian class? xpertmailer?

Or, tonyarnold, did you came up woth other solutions alltogether?

@newnomad: attaching files is definitely possible using the core email classes.

However, it is currently not possible to choose your own filename (it's on my todo list, though!)

thanks for pointing that out. Maybe a class for incoming email added to the core wouldn't be a bad idea to reconsider then... or a basic extension after all?

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