I’m not sure if this is the same error, but I’ve discovered that, with the Members extension enabled, any section that uses a front end form must have a memberlink field to allow the Members extension to test permissions for the event. If the section does not have a memberlink field, the query doesn’t get built properly.

I have found that adding a memberlink field to the section and adding a hidden input that provides the member username as a value for the memberlink field solves the problem.

Edit: I consider this a flaw in the beta Members extension implementation. I hope this issue will be solved by the work that is taking place on the Members extension.

Well I would never have known that! I hope so too…

Me too. I remember this happening when I hadn’t added a Member Role field to my section.

I try another thing. Compare 2 ensembles: “Frontend Members Reference” and “Bugaroo”. First one has in Blueprint > Sections > Members 2 fields: “Member: Username & Password” and “Member: Role”

Installed Bugaroo doesn’t have any Roles. And doesn’t have Members section. In Members > Setup I click Create. Now in Bugaroo I have Members section as in “Frontend Members Reference”. That error disappear, but I confused…

I suspect that a new created section Members is extra ‘cause there was Users section already in Bugaroo (but without fields - “Member: Username & Password” and “Member: Role”). May be need to move this 2 fields to Users section. Or why there are both Members and Users?

And how does someone login from front end to Bugaroo app.?

I have found that adding a memberlink field to the section and adding a hidden input that provides the member username as a value for the memberlink field solves the problem.

bauhouse, how to add a hidden input and set a value for the Memberlink field? It has only label, placement and 3 checkboxes

By the way: I plan on finishing this little baby once 2.2 and Members have been released. :-)

Sorry, @almix. I should have specified that the hidden input should be added to the front end form. I am assuming that you are getting the error when an event fires on the front end. You’ll need to modify the XSLT for the front end form.

At the top of my master stylesheet, I define some variables that I can use to manage data from the Members extension:

<xsl:variable name="member" select="/data/events/member-login-info"/>
<xsl:variable name="member-username" select="/data/events/member-login-info/username-and-password/@username"/>
<xsl:variable name="logged-in" select="/data/events/member-login-info/@logged-in"/>
<xsl:variable name="permissions" select="/data/events/member-login-info/permissions"/>

Then, within the front end form, I can use the $member-username variable to grab the value of the username of the logged in member to use it as the value for the memberlink field, which is named Member in this example:

<input name="fields[member]" type="hidden" value="{$member-username}" />

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Bugaroo, so I’ll need to investigate a little more about how front end authentication is set up (if at all).

@phoque I wouldn’t have said it was going to be you specifically, everyone will be bugging you now ;o)

Really looking forward to this, it will make Symphony complete. Like a dead arm that the blood flows back into, giving pins and needles of excitement… Eeee!

I think its time to reactivate this baby, now that Members official is out. :-)

I think so too. Are you still working on Bugaroo, @phoque?

Not at the moment as I have quite a backlog of stuff to do for Uni.

I've added you as a contributor to the repository back then though, feel free to go ahead. :-)

I hope you are able to catch up with your backlog. I have some ideas about adding issues tracking to another project I am working on. So it might mean the merging of the repos. But I think it is always good to start off with an ensemble that demonstrates one thing. I'll see how far I get.

Is there a bugaroo demo online?

OK, now that Bugaroo has been mentioned on the ExplicitWeb podcast I feel the sudden urge to finish this baby. :-D

I've completely changed the repository-structure. Now all commits from previous Symphony 2 versions are included, hopefully making upgrades much easier. To do that I had to delete the old repository and create a new one. So if you've been watching the repository before you'll how have to re-follow it to get updates.

Also the Github wiki now also contains instructions on how to install and upgrade the system.


I'm currently in the process of cleaning up the XSLT a bit (holy cow, some of it is ghastly!) and I've implemented the events necessary to create and update issues from the frontend.

So basically, the most basic version of it is working.

I'm just trying out Bugaroo again and it's working great so far (except for an error on install, referring to an uncaught exception:

 missing column 'cascading_deletion' ... 'sym_sections_association'

I'll post an issue when I have a connection on my laptop.

Thanks for your work on this, Nils. I'm looking forward to playing around with this. Do you have a road map for other features you want to add?

Did you follow the installation instructions in the wiki? I should've put that in the readme I guess. :-)

OK, the instructions are now in the readme. Hope that makes things a bit more clear.

It looks like I figured out those steps on my own. But that's helpful to have the proper install instructions. Thanks, Nils.

So, I guess what it needs now is the ability to create and manage projects, milestones, categories, and user roles.

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