A new extension, “Field: Image Cropper” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Added an issue in the tracker.. won’t save section with Image Crop.

Have you saved the section before adding an imagecropper field? I should clarify this in the documentation.

Edit: This is because the imagecropper field saves the id of the related upload field.

Section already exists and I am just adding the imagecropper field into it.. It seems to not detect an active upload field even though there is one! tried advanced uplaod field and normal upload field to no avail. Will persevere and report back.

if the upload file field is directly above the Image Crop field - it saves. But if it is added at a later date lower down the order.. no luck.

EDIT Doesn’t seem to like upload fields that have been inserted in the past.. only likes newly inserted upload fields to choose from. hmmmm

I can’t reproduce this behavior. Can you provide some more information about your setup?

Nice extension. I really like it.

Good job!

Field: Image Cropper updated to version 1.0 on 12th of February 2011

  • Symphony 2.2 compatibility
  • “Create URL” functionality
  • “Preview” functionality
  • JIT to scale down large images
  • Style fixes

Nice preview image in the screenshot :S

Yeah, just my kind of humor. And it's good to have a photographer in the family :-)

I don't care. Don't ever change that preview image!

Just a note for using image cropper with Advanced Upload field.

type="advancedupload" needs adding to line 244 of the checkFields function in the field.imagecropper.php file in order for it to authenticate and allow the creation of a section using both fields.

Could you confirm this is correct?

Could you confirm this is correct?


(I don't plan updating the Advanced Upload field, it was more a proof of concept for me and I'm just not using it.)

Ok cool, just handy for limiting max image dimensions for numpties who upload 4mb files.. have amended it myself anyways :)

Just an FYI...I was having trouble with the image cropper seeming to not work properly with images of a certain size... After a bit of research, it appears that lines 209-228 of imagecropper.publish.js have what I believe to be an error. Currently it is using $image.height() and $image.width() for the checks to see if it's too small for the image cropper.

The problem, as far as I can see it, is that if the image itself is scaled down to fit in the editor (which the script does if the default size of the uploaded image is too large for the box the image cropper is in), the $image. measurements base the size check on the scaled image, not the original image.

To fix this, I replaced all of $image.height() and $image.width() variables in lines 209-228 with o.image_width and o.image_height and it seems to be working properly.

I think that's the proper fix here, but if someone else would like to verify that would be great. Thanks!

I think that's the proper fix here, but if someone else would like to verify that would be great.

I think so, too :-)
Will look into it and update the extension soon. Thanks for reporting.

Field: Image Cropper updated to version 1.0.1 on 7th of June 2011

  • Updated to Jcrop 0.9.9
  • Some styling fixes
  • Fix for minimum dimension when image is shown scaled down, thanks matasoj

just logged my first issue ever on github. this extension is incredible, though. thank you, jonas!

Thanks for reporting, Adam. Will fix it soon. I'm glad you like the extension.

Would it be possible to save both the original and the cropped image, and later retrieve it somehow from the same image entry, listing both image sin the nodes?

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