I’m going to be deploying Symphony in an environment that uses a load balancer, and I just need to verify whether Symphony itself does any local disk writes when managing session state.

I thought I’d be lazy and have it up here for posterity rather than looking myself ;).

We have Symphony running on load balanced environments for several sites without any core modifications. All session state is done through the database. But caching (e.g. JIT images) and logging will be written to the /manifest of the serving application server.

What about uploading files through Symphony? Wouldn’t that cause issues?

It does indeed. I believe we tend to use a minimum of three servers: a database server and two or more web servers. The client access Symphony on the database server, makes content edits and uploads files. These are then synced across to the public web servers on the frontend. Joe will have more information on our setup.

Hey Nick or Joe (or others),

I’ve implemented a dynamic DS on my load-balanced site, and it looks like the mutex class & lock files are causing problems. Does this make sense?

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