I’m tying to write an extension event that will use the Email Template Filter, but loop through many pages & entries rather than just one.

The goal is to produce multiple custom emails from a single event trigger, which will be triggered by a cron request.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. Can an event have access to the resolved param pool of the Page it is assigned to/triggering on?
  2. Can that event call a public function from an activated extension? Are all extensions instantiated for every page load, or will/can I instantiate a new emailtemplatefilter object to use its methods?


EDIT: I’ve figured out #2:

    $ETF = $this->_Parent->ExtensionManager->create('emailtemplatefilter');

Sorry, I read your goal and I’m wondering why this isn’t possible without any Extension hacking?

You can create as many Email Templates as you desire and attach them all to the same event. Triggering that event will trigger all the emails to send?

Anyway, #1. Check the Delegates page. I think FrontendParamsPostResolve will give you what your after.

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