We recently integrated a Symphony site within a larger website. The process has gone smoothly until I attempted to make some changes in the Symphony admin on the staging site.

Specifically, I am getting a 403 Forbidden status when attempting to POST to a section edit page (/symphony/blueprints/sections/edit/8/). I’ve also gotten this error when POSTing to the emailtemplatefilter admin page.

Since I am not the DBA, or even have access to the SYmphony DB, I need to determine if this is an issue with permissions set in the web server (something that prevents POSTs to the url) or if this 403 is being returned by Symphony because it does not have sufficient DB privileges.

Any help would be appreciated!

My current theory is that this is actually the former, specifically mod_security2 which I don’t think I can disable through htaccess, (ie not without reconfiguring and restarting Apache).


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