Today I somewhat hacked together a solution for a problem, and now I’m wondering if there is already an extension that does this, or if maybe I should flesh it out to share. Here it is:

Today I needed a section that would only allow a unique combination of field values within a single entry. Specifically, I am recording votes for multiple entries (It’s a ‘Did this entry work for you?’ type of voting scheme). The goal is to allow uniquely identitifed users to vote only once per entry.

So I have a Votes section that records the entry id that is voted for, and a unique user id. I had somewhat absent-mindedly just used a unique input field for the user-id, but that didn’t work, because it locked that user out of voting for any more entries, not just preventing them from repeatedly voting for a single entry.

My solution was to modify the unique text field to check for the pre-existing combination of fields (userid + voted entry id) rather than just userid. (Using the awesome SymQL for my own sanity). Does this functionality exist elsewhere?

Maybe you could add the Unique Input functionality into the Reflection field? Use the reflection field to concatenate the values together then run it through a uniquity check?

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