I’m trying to add an EventPostSaveFilter callback function to an extension. I registered the delegate with

public function getSubscribedDelegates() {
    return array(
            'page'      => '/frontend/',
            'delegate'  => 'EventPostSaveFilter',
            'callback'  => 'EventPostSaveFilter'

and it’s stored in the database.

But the callback function doesn’t get called after submitting a form on the frontend. Are there more steps involved to get an EventPostSaveFilter working?

Through all the extensions I’ve looked at, the function names are different. try naming the callback eventPostSaveFilter with a lowercase e

The function name in my script is different. It’s just a Copy and Paste error when I simplified the example code.

Ok, I solved the issue…

I used the Dynamic Event Redirect extension with the same form/event and the EventPostSaveFilter delegate of this extension called its callback and prevented the other EventPostSaveFilter delegates to call their callback functions. Moving the EventPostSaveFilter of the Dynamic Event Redirect extension in the sym_extensions_delegates table to the bottom made the other callbacks get called again.

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