Well, not really. O’Reilly’s XSLT bible spotted in the latest series of the IT Crowd though.

I have that book, and I’ve never read it… I should.

I had friend ask me about this book during the week - is it any good? I think (probably like the rest of you) I mostly learned XSLT through a haughty combination of Google and just needing to get things done. I’d like to hope that there’s an easier way :)

I love all the crap they have in their office. It’s great that they change it up every season.

As for the book, I can’t make any sense of it. It seems to go over things randomly. I find that most O’Reilly books don’t work for me. I learned better by doing with my work’s CMS and Symphony — oh and lots of Google searches.

I had friend ask me… is it any good?

The IT Crowd is great :-P

I read it when I first started with Symphony. Then it was somewhat heavy, now it makes sense ;).

Note that it’s laying on top of the shelved books, meaning of course they’re using it that much more often.

Manning’s XSLT Quickly is a great introduction text for beginners. I use the O’Reilly book mostly for reference, or when I need to brush up on a particular area.

XSlT books aren’t really falling of the shelve each year either, would be great to see some new things happening there.

Perhaps a Symphony book..? ;)


While we’re recommending, the XSLT Cookbook is packed with specific solutions, and introduces some pretty interesting (and complex) concepts. I’d say it delves deeper into XSLT than anything else I’ve found in books or online.

I don’t own it , got it from the library, but it is probably a good one to keep for reference.

Heh, I have that one too…

The only book I use is still XSLT Programmer’s Reference by Michael Kay, published by Wrox/Wiley. The chapter on “Stylesheet Design Patterns” is immensely engaging and gives a deeper insight into the different fundamental styles of XSLT patterns.

I agree with Allen. I use Michael Kay’s XSLT programmer’s reference book all the time. Also, another helpful reference book is XSLT and XPath On The Edge by Jeni Tennison.

These are great references. I’ve had trouble finding good books to learn XSLT. Most of the tough stuff I’ve learned from this forum.

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