A new extension, “Publish Tabs” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Lovely way of increasing the desire for Symphony 2.2.

“As his face pushed up the glass of the Symphony shop window, he could only dream of what may become.”


There is any way to use this extension on Symphony 2.1.1?



There is any way to use this extension on Symphony 2.1.1?

Yep! See the note on the Publish Tabs page, a very small change you need to make to the core. Alistair has confirmed this will go into Symphony 2.2.

This is genius.

It looks great, but it doesn’t seem to work in a fresh 2.1.1 install I’m working on. There are no JS errors, and I’ve made the required change you mention in the notes - the tabs are visible, but so is all of the content - clicking the tabs changes their visual state, but nothing else on the page is affected.

Any ideas, Nick?


After a little digging, I found that the ids on the html elements weren’t being generated properly by the commit mentioned in the release notes - they’re missing the “field-” off the front.

Good spot! I’ll send Alistair another pull.

Oh, and I forgot to say - this extension is totally double rainbow. Putting metadata on a separate tab is just brilliant.

Can’t wait for the full-width fields in S3 though ;)

Yep, I’ve started splitting up fields into multiple content groups. Coupled with the HTML Panel field and you can create some pretty complex UI and fields without much coding:

Including the HTML panel in the sidebar is a great idea for the moment - Symphony just got a whole lot easier for my clients. I showed this to one of them yesterday, and they loved it - great work, mate!

Ok, I have installed this extension, they show up in the interface - have added the fields after the tab I want that field to appear in.

I have also added this into my content.publish.php file

$div = new XMLElement('div', NULL, array('id' => $field->get('id'), 'class' => 'field field-'.$field->handle().($field->get('required') == 'yes' ? ' required' : '')));

Doesn’t seem to work. It’s not a massive problem, just thought I would flag it up.

Can you clarify what you mean by “they show up in the interface… doesn’t seem to work”?

@NickToye, maybe this commit might help you.

Well the tabs show in the interface, but all the fields are on the landing page. The tabs don’t tab to anything.


I’ve also added in that commit, but did it by hand, rather than through git.

Yes, but there have been made two different commits that look quite similar. I believe this issue has been discussed some posts ago in this same topic:

Right, never knew there was another commit. Meaning, I thought the one that was linked to from the extension page is the current one.

Yes I found it. For future reference, how do I know from the Repo page if there is a new fork?

Issue added. Apologies if it’s not relevant, but I thought I would mention it in the tracker all the same.

Publish Tabs updated to version 0.9.1 on 4th of September 2010

I’ve solved this bug, Nick — titles should now be displaying properly.

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