Bit of a newbie question but too impatient to wait for the documentation!

With the default install, in the Publish->Articles view there are two columns 'images' and 'comments'. How does it know to display these two columns? If I edit the Articles section there is no mention of images or comments so I can't see how they get in there.

Ultimately I'm trying to attach multiple images to an article, but I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to start that particular obstacle yet!

These columns represent Section Links. If you go to edit the Comments or Articles sections, you will see a Section Link in both, linking back to an Article. Adding a section link field will automatically add this clickable "number" column.

Except note that Section Link has been replaced by the selectboxlinkfield

Oh that makes sense now. I had tried unticking the "Show column" for the selectbox_link field to see if that was what was making the connection, but I didn't try removing the field altogether.


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