Hello all,

i hope someone can help me with a very annoying issue that is frustrating the hell out of me.

I have a dynamic datasource set up pulling in an xml feed from a weather site. I have set params in the datasource link, and a url param(url-q) which gets the users search term. In this case, cities/towns etc.

The problem I have is searching for something with more than 1 word in it, like New York, or Brisbane, Australia, comes back as a dud search. But if I replace the whitespace with a ‘+’ then it works.

The form is a very basic get method form with a single text input.

is there anyway to make the whitespaces in the new value into pluses?

The strange thing is, it shows in the URL as having pluses. And if I manually hardcode the city in the datasource with spaces in it, or pluses, it works.

Thanks in advance!

Pulled this for it’s obvious inaccuracy.

Think before I type…

Have you tried {$url-q:encoded}? (For reference.)

I’m guessing the URL in your data source is something like this:{$url-q}

If Nils’ strategy ({$url-q:encoded}) doesn’t work, you could try an XSLT translate:{translate($url-q, ' ', '+')}

hi guys thanks for your replies!

That’s brilliant Nils! It worked perfectly!! Thank you so much!

And thanks for your suggestion too Beiju, it’s very much appreciated.



Right, encode should be a checkbox on the Dynamic XML page

Right, encode should be a checkbox on the Dynamic XML page

But what if you only wanted some parameters to be encoded?

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