This is something I hadn’t really given a whole lot of thought until recently, but I’m interested in how people structure the file system of their Symphony sites.

Presently, all of my sites store configuration (ie. workspace) files under workspace, as well as any assets and uploaded files in discrete subfolders of that workspace directory.

I’ve seen a couple of sites recently where the assets folder is stored in the top-level Symphony directory, and I can see good security sense in keeping the user uploads well away from any other part of my site’s file system structure.

How are you storing your files?

I like having everything in /workspace/.

I usually put CSS+images in /workspace/css/, JS in /workspace/js/ and uploads in /workspace/uploads/ (with a subfolder for each section).

Similar to phoque but:


My folders look quite similar:


And for some German projects I used:


Same as Nick.

My folders:

/media/products/.../     /* and more */

Minus point: Some paths in core are hardcoded to “workspace“, so I often use my own extensions! I hope that is fixed in version 2.2 or 3.0!

I usually structure mine like Nils does (/styles/, /scripts/, etc). Worth noting that, for me, any non-content images go into /styles/images/.

Same as phoque, but images have their own folder at /workspace/images

In an experiment to make Symphony “themeable”, I created a directory that was specific to this particular install:


Themes can be managed by swapping out different CSS files that contain styles for borders, backgrounds, colors, fonts and effects


Then, you can have a sort of web application CSS Zen Garden:

Check out the Themes menu in the upper right.

Too cool Bauhouse!

/workspace/assets/xml    (for custom XML-files used by certain SWF's)

And ofcourse, sometimes I create subdirectories in the folders images and uploads, just for easier handling.

Another note: in my master-stylesheet I always add the following:

<xsl:param name="assets" select="concat($workspace, '/assets')" />

So if I need something from the assets folder, I can use the $assets-parameter as a shortcut:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$assets}/css/screen.css" />

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