Hi, here is a snippet for ~/.ctags.tmcodebrowser to extract ‘named’ and ‘matching’ templates (and mode name if exist) into Code Browser palette.

--regex-XSL=/<xsl:template[ t]+name[ t]*=[ t]*"([^"]+)?("[ t]*mode[ t]*=[ t]*"([^"]+))?/1 3/n,named,named templates/i
--regex-XSL=/<xsl:template[ t]+match[ t]*=[ t]*"([^"]+)?(["][ t]*mode[ t]*=[ t]*"([^"]+))?/1 3/m,matching,matching templates/i

Maybe someone find this this useful.

Thanks, icek!

The forum stripped some backslashes. So if you want to use this: Each of the numbers “1” and “3” in lines 3 and 4 must be preceded by a backslash.

here is on pastie:

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