Story: I’m trying to make an extension that could multi upload files via drag’n’drop and then use it for a photo gallery and as always i don’t satisfied of existing extensions.

Actions: So i read about how to make new extensions. I copied an existing extension Select Box Link and try to edit it.

Problem: In Symphony Extension Manager i’ve got an error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class extension_selectbox_link_field in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/wed/extensions/selectbox_link_field/extension.driver.php on line 93. When i’m try to edit class name (ex. Class extensionselectboxlinkfield extends Extension to Class extensionmulti_upload extends Extension) Extension manager doesn’t see it.

Question: How can i add MY extension (new extensions from symphony site adding well) to symphony. Where is the problem?

Did you change you’re extension’s folder to multi_upload? Class names and folder names need to match.

Thanks, Nils, folder renaming solve this problem.

This is something I have started with a few months ago, but never got around to actually finish (a complete js rewrite is in the works, though).

If you have any ideas on how this should work, or if you want to team up and help the development, that would be great!

I was going to ask how you’re getting on with that Huib…

@creativedutchmen, i saw your project, but wanted to use pure power of html5, because i make it for myself i don’t care about IE )) as an uploader i want to use this now where i’m stuck is - i want an upload field with another two parameters (gallerycategory and description of image), but as i understood symphonyfield couldn’t contain multiple input fields. Now i’m wondering what will be better create another to fileds or make some global extension with own photo managment (some king of Mass Upload Utility) - uploading, grouping, adding description to images, deleting. That’s the point. )) i can help you with your extension, but i need two more fileds. ))

@designermonkey, what is huib?

Sorry, he’s @creativedutchmen… lol

@arsebandit, it can be set to use html5 too, but it will also support flash, silverlight, html4 and gears (I use plupload for the upload script).

My extension will just enable you to create many entries when multiple files are selected in the upload field. This could be used together with all other fields, so grouping etc will still be possible.

@designermonkey: I am currently working on the core, so I don’t have as much time as I would like to work on the upload_many.. I will push my latest changes soon, though!

I really wish I could get my head around Symphony PHP to help out, but I have to learn codeignitor for my new job. Still getting my head around OOP at the moment…

I’m always good for testing though…

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