A new extension, “Meta Section” is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This is cool, I can see how it could be useful!

Rainerborene, it looks cool, but what exactly would I use this for? I’m not sure I understand what your extension does from the video: it allows a static section to be used as ‘content’ of another section’s publish page?

I had the need for something recently where I had a standalone “Downloads” page which required groups of downloads that comprised:

  • title
  • description
  • downloads (PDFs)

I implemented this with a “Downloads” section, and each “group” become an entry, and downloads added to an entry with a Subsection Manager.

However the client also wanted some copy and a single download document to go at the top of the page. They edit all of their downloads through the Downloads section, so it would make sense to edit this little bit of “meta” information about downloads from this section too. This would have been perfect for this :-)

@davidhund I think nickdunn answered your question.

I’m glad you guys liked it.

Meta Section updated to version 0.2 on 21st of December 2010


I tried to use this extension under symphony 2.2 and i got a fatal error when i tried to create a new section :

Fatal error: Call to a member function appendChild() on a non-object in C:wampwwwmediaextensionsmeta_sectionextension.driver.php on line 161

@Fabien Kaiuwe’s submitted issue solves this. Maybe also have creativedutchmen’s fix over at the Static Section thread at the back of your mind.

Update: The “sendElementsToTrash” function needs an update as well to match current DOM; e.g.

    public function sendElementsToTrash($context){
        if ($_REQUEST['output-filtering'] != 'yes') return;
        $dom = @DOMDocument::loadHTML(str_replace("& ", "& ", $context['output']));
        $xpath = new DOMXPath($dom);
        $body = $xpath->query("//body")->item(0);
        $body->setAttribute('style', 'background:transparent');
        $div = $xpath->query("//div[@id = 'header']")->item(0);
        $div = $xpath->query("//div[@id='footer']")->item(0);
        $h2 = $xpath->query("//div[@id = 'contents']/h2")->item(0);
        $form = $xpath->query("//div[@id = 'contents']/form")->item(0);
        $form->setAttribute('style', 'margin-top:0px; padding:0px 19px 0px 19px; min-height:100px;');
        $new_form_url = $form->getAttribute('action') . '?output-filtering=yes';
        $form->setAttribute('action', $new_form_url);
        $notice = $xpath->query("//p[@id='notice']")->item(0);
        if ($notice) $notice->parentNode->removeChild($notice);
        $context['output'] = $dom->saveHTML();

When a Meta Section has a file upload field it lacks on appending the “Remove File” link. Can someone confirm this?

Is this extension still maintained?

I tried using it with symphony 2.2.5 and static section 1.6.1 and the meta section drop down isn't available!?

Any hint? Thanks!

:-( This used to be a handy extension...

I'm having the same issue @Padexx is having, I haven't had any errors but the meta drop down isn't available in the section, as if the extension isn't installed.

I've only been using symphony a couple of weeks now, and haven't dived into extensions yet, but does anyone have any idea why this would be?



Has someone taken a look at this again?

It might be worth contacting rainerborene on Github/Twitter to see if he is able to update.

Did that. but sadly no response

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