How can i make a small login form, allowing users from a section (not authors) just to login, and edit their record.

If you can hold out just a few more weeks: Symphony version 2.2 will be released soon and with it an extension for managing members. It will provide you with everything you need (and more) for the system you’re envisioning.

high expectations! =D

That’s great, but site needs to be launched before, i just want to validate their password and load a form with their values. What’s the simples approach to make the login?

You could just build a section with a username input field and password stored using the Hash Field extension. Then use a custom event to hash their in-putted password and check against the password stored in the section. Quite simple…

The hashing ensures security, although I’m not certain about the compatibility of the extension with the current Symphony release.

For a basic and simple login solution this old extension steel working for me:

Maybe you can use it until the launch of the members extension coming in with the symphony 2.2

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