Hey guys,

I’m stumped with a problem. Our businesses homepage runs off symphony and whenever there is an error, (either symphony error or db connection error) we would like to put up custom ‘prettyfied’ html page, instead of the error messages being shown.

Can anyone give advice on how to do this, I can’t seem to find a forum post on it,

Thank you in advance.

This has been implemented in the newest version (2.2).

If an error occurs, the 404 page is shown. This page can be “prettyfied” at will. At this point, it is not yet possible to use any other error page than the 404 page, due to limitations of the error handler.

Also, keep in mind 2.2 is currently in beta, so it is not recommended for a production site.

Thank you very much for your help - very kind.

I assume we can all help find problems with 2.2 beta. I shall install it for non production sites :)

I assume we can all help find problems with 2.2 beta.

Absolutely! Symphony 2.2 beta

I think my man has moved my server space now - so I shall install this when I get home! This is an extremely good excuse to redo my 5 year old portfolio!

Thanx Nick, thanx creativedutchmen!

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