We’re getting closer! The third release candidate of Symphony 2.2 is now available for testing:

If you’re using Git to test the default install, remember to use the integration branch of the workspace repo

There are still a few minor issues being worked on, but we thought it was important to get another release candidate out for testing as there have been lots of fixes committed since RC2 and we’re hoping to get to a final release very soon.

As usual, please test thoroughly and report bugs. Developers, continue the fantastic work you’ve done thus far updating your extensions.

Big thanks to all who reported and squashed bugs in RC2.

Great stuff!

Any rough idea’s when the release will be? Close to starting a project, so it’d be great if it was released just in time!

We’re hoping to release by the end of February :)

Any timeline on the members extension? Sorry for asking…

That’s currently being worked on by Craig & Allen, then I’ll be finishing it up. Hard to commit to a definite timeline, but it’s a priority within the team and we are definitely trying to get it out very shortly after the 2.2 final.

How easily can you upgrade from 2.1.2 if at all?

Updating the core should be painless, but extensions can break. So if you are using third-party extensions, you should double-check that they are compatible.

oh damn. did anybody else notice the git repo update master to 2.2 a couple hours ago?


Shh! I'm still writing the announcement!

oh, those european and australian kids are all asleep anyway ;)

Or stammering around drunkenly...

Here's the announcement.

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