Hey gunglien, Do you happen to get the nested url structure as well with SBL? or are you customising an extension to do this too?

I find SBL only gets the parent Entry and not the whole way back up the tree to the root Entry... I may be wrong or haven't gotten it to work myself.

Yes and no; what I do is this.

  1. Output all the entries with the title/url and parent into a datasource
  2. Create an XSLT template to generate links
  3. Recursively find all parents and build the links

If you want I can post a sample on xpathr & send you the link. It works great because I can then inter-link different things with just a page handle/id. I also use this methodology to build up breadcrumb urls.

Another advantage is that you can essentially link entries of different types in this manner; so I might have a page that takes some special parameter; and the parent of each would be an entry from a different section. As long as I have both in the XML I build the urls dynamically.

Would love to see how you approach this yes!

@moonoo2 there you go that's a quick sample. I've also made some other tricks to make things easier. Like a variable with $current-node which according to the symphony page you are on would set the variable. Then stuff like page-titles, links, meta tags are built up from that.

If you'd want to have a chat at some point would be more then happy.

Symphony Demo updated to version 0.3 on 27th of August 2013

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