It want to achieve two thing using ajax , datasource

  1. in the front end based on the select box option selected, i want to populate a data using ajax, the data is grabbed from the datasource

  2. on Mouseover of anchor tag, i have to load the data,which is grabbed from the datasource

any guidance how to start with , in symphony

For Selectbox option change grabbing data using datasource and calling using ajax :

I Just Create Page called group-ajax , and gave the type as xml and used the

if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)
  }"GET","/group-ajax/"+ "group1" +"/",true);


to call the page it does not work any help / gudiance

any help?

to call the page it does not work any help / gudiance

Does it actually make the HTTP reuqest? I suggest using your browser console to see whether you can see the request happening, the URL that is requested, and the response.

gave the type as xml

If the page is returning XML with a MIME type text/xml then you want to use the innerXML property rather than innerText of the XMLHTTPRequest object.

no ,it is not making any http request, there is any other way to grabbed the datasource using ajax

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