A new extension, "Field Suppressor" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

This seems to break the Publish Tabs extension. Logged as an issue.

Field Suppressor updated to version 0.3beta on 22nd of June 2011

  • compatibility with publish tabs added, issue closed.

Thanks for logging the issue @stuartpalmer. Sorry it took so long to fix!

Thanks Fawx. FF didn't pick up on that missing ) last night when I was testing which is a worry :s but I have fixed up that line of code now.

The latest commit on master branch has the change.


great extension, too! thank you!

Field Suppressor updated to version 1.0 on 15th of August 2011


  • included JS file on create pages as well as edit pages

@touchstone: could you explain what's the difference between this extension and the ability in the Author Roles extensions to hide fields on role level?

honestly, I have no idea. I didn't know yours did that.

After a brief look, I would say mine would be more suited for hiding one or two fields, say an author field and a date field that both prepoulate, that the client doesn't need to change and shouldn't change for whatever reason. Without having to go through the rigmarole of creating authors and parameters for such a small tweak.

I was asked to create this by another regular on the forums who actively creates extensions themselvers so I didn't think to check for anything similar.

Ah ok, I could see for some light-weight author management this could come in handy. I was just wondering ;-)

Nice extension but doesn't immediately play ball with IE or Opera, very easy fixes. You need to check to see if the browser is IE or not for console.log

And for Opera just declare self as var self = $(this) instead of just self = $(this)

Should probably say that this is in assets/fieldsuppressor.publish.js

Field Suppressor updated to version 1.1 on 12th of June 2012


  • compatibility with Symphony 2.3 (for 2.2.x versions, use the 2.2.x branch)

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