A new extension, "Resave entries" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

I suggest to edit the link to the issue tracker (to make it point to GitHub). :-)

Be warned, I will try this soon!

Now, that's scary.

Surprise, surprise. I found several problems. :-(

Last minute changes are always a bad idea...

Yep. And telling Michael "Breaks It" E. about an extension is no good idea either. :-)

Just one bug left. @alpacaaa is working on it.

This extension is rather cool, by the way. Very interesting implementation. Thanks!

Awesome, I need it today too!

Hopefully it should be fixed now. Thanks everyone!

A quick question, why would I want to save something again without changing it?

Some examples I could use this for? Cus for some reason I want to use it... Just don't know how ;) tell me!

I think it's for when you've changed a Section in some way (perhaps adding an extension) which requires giving Symphony a chance to reprocess entries in order to put into effect an action on your data.

Such as the Entry URL Field or Reflection Field — if you add these fields to a section that already contains entries, you'd have to manually re-save each entry to populate the field's value.

Great idea for an extension! very useful indeed.

Marco, you are a genius!!! Excellent work!

Thanks guys :)

The idea comes from @designermonkey!

A quick question, why would I want to save something again without changing it?

Because I used a Reflection Field, and have 11,000+ entries. And also a Search Index that Nick updated and meant resaving all the entries to update the indexing and excerpt output.

I don't see this as a regular use extension, but one of those very useful time-savers in the Symphony toolbox.

The idea comes from @designermonkey!

I think Nils H mentioned it first, but awesome job, thanks!

Marco, this is fa-bu-lous. Just used it for the first time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Awesome :)

Just used it myself today and it works a charm.

Now we need to try and get this paging into the XML Importer somehow to fix the issues there with massive entry lists.

Well done Marco, another +1 from me.

See the latest comment on the Import/Export CSV extension: it seems there is a "background worker" extension in the works which could be useful for all import/export extensions.

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