am having an event where am inserting the entries into 2 sections, i want to set $eParamFILTERS for one section entries on how to do this


    require_once(TOOLKIT . '/class.event.php');

    Class eventleader extends Event{

        const ROOTELEMENT = 'leader';
           private static $source = 150;
        public $eParamFILTERS = array(

        public static function getSource(){
             return self::$source;

        public static function allowEditorToParse(){
            return true;

public function load(){
            if(isset($_POST['action']['leader'])) return $this->__trigger();

        protected function __trigger(){

                 $_POST['fields']['member-leader'] = "testing";
         include(TOOLKIT . '/events/event.section.php');
        self::$source = 151; //section2 id

        include(TOOLKIT . '/events/event.section.php');
        return $result;


i want to set "expect-multiple" for section id 150 alone how to achieve this

any help or guidance

Expect multiple is for multiple entries in the same section, not for posting entries in two sections. Have you seen the Event Ex extension?

yeah i know that actually i have two section , "leader" and "members of the leader" and in a form i have to add one leader and multiple "members of the leader" using a single event so that i have to set expect-multiple for "members of the leader" section how to achieve this ?

i followed this post

and inserted multiple sections,

now i need is insert multiple entries in one section, and single entry in one section when an event is triggered

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