After upgrading my local development server from XAMPP 1.7.3 to 1.7.4 I got a 'No suitable XSLT processor was found.' error from Symphony. After a web search I found out that the proper extension is installed but for some reason not activated.

If anyone else encounters the problem the fix is to find your XAMPP install directory and look for 'PHP/php.ini' then just add 'extension=php_xsl.dll'. I put at the bottom of the 'Dynamic Extensions' section.

Excellent, thanks joshual!

Sorry to reopen this topic (as it's over a month old), but I'm still having issues with getting Symphony to install on my localhost.

Currently, I'm using XAMPP 1.7.7 (with all of the newest PHP, Apache, etc files, as of May 10, 2012) on Windows Vista SP1. When I point my browser to the install path (http://localhost/symphony/install/), I receive this error: "Symphony needs an XSLT processor such as LibXSLT or Sablotron to build pages.".

I looked at my phpinfo.php file to confirm that I'm using the correct php.ini file, so I opened that file up and added the extension as described in the original post here by "joshual". I'm still not able to get past this error, and I have no idea why. I've never worked with XSLT before, let alone with any server settings pertaining to it, so I'm a little bit lost.

Is there anyone that would be willing to help a rookie out? I've looked up multiple resources on this, and still haven't been able to find a clear and working solution to my problem. Actually, I'm sure I have found a solution, but apparently I'm doing something wrong in regards to implementing it.

I'd really appreciate any help that I can get! Thanks in advance :)

Forgive me for asking what might be an obvious question, but did you restart the server? Many a time have I edited the php.ini file and then wondered why my changes weren’t working until I remembered to restart. :)

Assuming you’ve done that and it still isn’t working, go to your phpinfo() page and look for a section called xsl. Is such a section present, and does it say XSL is enabled?

Yes, I did actually restart the server, but it still wasn't showing up as an active extension. I went ahead and gave WAMP a try, and I'm able to run everything just fine there, so I believe this problem can be considered "solved" (at least for myself). Thanks anyways :)

EDIT: Hmm, I guess I'm a bit wrong on that one. Everything installed fine, deleted the "install" directory, but I can't seem to reach any pages at all, namely the initial redirect of "/symphony". After digging through these forums, I see that it's more or less a mod_rewrite issue, so I'll take this matter to one of those threads.

hello friends,

Very sorry but i am unable to understand. Actully i am not doing it in local server. i am doing it online but i am suffering with this error. Please suggest me the right way

@shikha22mar - check with your hosting provider to see if they support PHP 5.3 and above and if libxslt is installed.

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