Hey all,

I cannot for the life of me see what I'm doing wrong here...

I am chaining two Datasources together. I have one datasource that is outputting a Gallery, along with the {$ds-handle} for every image in the gallery.

That's fine, it outputs like so: $ds-read-galleries-by-handle '20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27'

The second datasource is supposed to be outputting all images that pass the filter, which is on the System ID and is passing the {$ds-handle} from the first datasource.

See screenshot.

But all that is outputting is the image relating to the very first id: $ds-read-image-by-gallery '20'

You can see the xml output here,

Am I missing something??? Or is this a bug?

Oh and the version is 2.2.1. And the link is a SSM in the gallery section to the Images section.


Wouldn't your second DS need filtering by $ds-read-galleries-by-handle

yep, it already is.

Where does the $ds-handle come from?

Can you screen-shot both DSs for us?

Sorry, the ds-handle is nothing. It's meant to be $ds-read-galleries-by-handle.


Have you definitely set the DS to display more than one entry? I only ask as I have done it before...

Other than that, without screen-shots, I can't think of why it aint working...

oops forgot I hadn't posted back.

Thanks for your help @designermonkey. Unfortunately it was nothing as simple as your above solution, I wish it was! Would have saved me some time.

This is an issue somehow with the SSM. I changed the field to the Bilink field, which will work better for me in this use case anyway, and the ds-param filtering worked.

I will have a play around at some point to see if it is actually a bug or not, and post it on Nils github account if it is.


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