_host."workspace/uploads/".$file_name );
      echo "Stored in: " . _host."workspace/uploads/" . $_FILES['fields']['name']['user-picture'];

using the above code am not able to move the image in a particular folder it is possible to move an image into a folder in symphony ? (using hard code)

Could you be clearer about what you are trying to achieve. Where is the above code currently used — a frontend event or in the backend? Are you using an upload field, if so, you can specify the destination field when adding the field to a section. What about the code does not work, do you get an error?

yes am placing this code in an event , i want the copy of the image in another folder thats why i used the above code to move the image

If you want a copy of image, you should copy the file, not move it. If you try to move it after some other code already called move_uploaded_file(), it probably will fail - because it was already moved somewhere else.

thanks @ahwayakchih it really helped me a lot, i achieved whatever i want , thanks a lot

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