I am pretty sure this is something that has either been asked before or done before, but I could not find anything on the interwebs or the forum, so here it goes:

For a photoalbum, I really like lightbox (or an alternative) to show the full scale images. However, because some albums might become pretty large (1000+ photos) I prefer to paginate them - both for bandwidth and processing time.

This is where the problems kick in. The pagination works really well (thanks nick, for your awesome utility!) when just browsing the thumbnails. However, when you use lightbox to navigate the images, it will stop at the last image of the page, without giving the possibility to load the next page of images.

What do you think is the best way to handle this? Do I have to modify the lightbox javascript plugin to get this to work?

I would create a json object that has all the id's of the images inside and write a small function to get the lightbox to traverse through the json object.

Which lightbox script are you using?

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