I was wondering if there would be any merit in creating a Google Analytics extension. I was thinking along the line of providing the ability to add the GA tag to each page per configuration from the Symphony backend, and provide JS functionality to easily call tags / events in the frontend.

I'm currently more or less satisfied with my improvised implementation and still hesitant in creating an extension out of it. So I wanted to see if I would help someone out by putting my time and effort in it.

It's just easier to use an XSL utility to be honest.

I'm with designermonkey, not sure there's merit in providing this as an extension per se, since the way we use events/goals etc really depends on project requirements. It feels like this should live in an XSLT utility and not a backend extension.

If you want to pull GA statistics into the backend I suggest the Dashboard Analytics panel.

Well.. the reason I was contemplating on making an extension is that you can then enable / disable google analytics through config, making it easier to implement it in DTAP. I'm trying to avoid sending analytics data from any environment other than production.

I'm currently doing this in the XSLT utility looking for host names, but it is a bit clumsy and requires an action for each project.

But I guess you guys are right, it is a bit of an overkill to create an extension out of it.

Sounds like the Environment extension does what you need.

Indeed it does... case closed by the all mighty Symphony community.

This can also be achieved using the Global Parameter Loader. We normally create a new parameter such as $mode and which can be set to either "production" or "development". We then use this to deliver both analytics and compressed CSS/JS.

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