A new extension, "Useragent Details" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

A brief discussion on the use and implications of this extension can be found here here

Nice! I do think the name of this is quite misleading though. Something like "User Agent details" or "Browser Details" might be more appropriate. It'd help people find it more easily :-)

Handy! I am a bit worried about the geolookup though. It has the potential to crash your site if doesn't respond in time. Could you make it optional, i.e. via config.php settings?

@nickdunn - it was originally called browser detection but I changed the name because of the dashboard panel I added into it. But now that I think about it, it is primarily about the detection so I probably shouldn't have changed the name...

@phoque - yea good idea. I'll get onto it.

Something like "User Agent details" or "Browser Details" might be more appropriate. It'd help people find it more easily :-)

When I first read the initial post I also thought the name was something to do with offering a means of contacting the developer via some sort of support ticket in the Symphony backend.. So "User Agent Details" sounds about right. IMO

Yea the idea I had was to have all the info and then some as a dashboard panel which you could then email to an admin.

But they should really be 2 separate entities.

I am working on it now. There will be a re-release in a few minutes.

ok. Recreated as Useragent Details and pushed to git.

Sorry about all the confusion guys!

I will add the ability to toggle location off/on depending on config setting now.

Can an admin please rename this thread?


Useragent Details updated to version 1.1 on 30th of August 2011


  • added a test for useragent on os class. This was causing issues on email template pages and was sending a Symphony error. Checking for the useragent should fix this. But it would also pay to exclude on email template pages
  • Added a checkbox on the preferences page to include/ignore the geolocationing. Set to off by default.

Thanks Nick.

A belated congratulations for being the 300th extension :)

Great extension, helped me a lot since mobile detection didn't work on our host.

But there is just one thing: When using Open Graph tags this extension prevents Open Graph to read the tags because the requested page errors. I found that this has to do with the OS detection. I disabled that section and it worked fine.

ok great, thanks Gaya - I will take a look when I can find some time.

Glad to hear it's of use :)

There's a small bug in class.os.php where, if it gets down to the OS2 detection string, the script fails. This is because the string (which you're subsequently using for a regex match) contains an unescaped forward slash.

'OS2' => 'os/2',

Should be:

'OS2' => 'os\/2',

Useragent Details updated to version 1.1.1 on 18th of October 2011


  • removed test IP address (oops, thanks @designermonkey)
  • escaped rogue forward slash in class.os.php (thanks @liamegan)

just out of interest @liamegan, are you actually using OS/2 ?

just out of interest @liamegan, are you actually using OS/2 ?


I vaguely remember trying OS/2 on a PC instead of Windows when I was a young kid. Was quite exciting at the time!

Thanks for this extension, works great!
I did found a 'bug' that throws the following error (see attachement) when useragent details are missing or incomplete.
This happens when sharing the website's link on facebook and as well when i visit the site on a mobile phone using a samsung mobile phone. (operating system: Samsung Mobile browser v0.8 (webkit). You can also test this in safari, using the useragent function, under 'development'
Here you can fill in the useragentdetails manualy... if i enter no useragent details, i get the error.

Schermafbeelding 2011-12-28 om 16.08.40.png

Can you try changing that preg_match statement to the following:

preg_match('|' . $match . '|i', $useragent);

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