Just a quick poll: What should my "Git+Symphony" talk focus on?

  • A beginners introduction to Git
  • Advanced Git techniques, specifically for Symphony

I currently (sort of) have both, but would only be able to scratch each surfaces...

Advanced sounds interesting :)

I'd be interested in advanced techniques as well.

There are gaps in my knowledge of version control and Git, but I would be more interested in the advanced techniques relating to Symphony.

Advanced :)

Advanced +1

Take a look at my workflow in the WG repo on github. It's in the working folder and is not far from being published as the suggested workflow for Symphony.

I'd say using that and then some advanced topics...

Just because it's a poll: beginner, but i guess i am a minority... so don't bother
I think i am able to learn the beginnings myself, although i was kinda struggling with the terminal approach... Would github for mac be a good alternative? (looks promising)

Off-topic, but this thread has a good selection of git clients for Mac.

Advanced +1

I am a relative git beginner. I install Symphony with GIT and have just started using it to manage customised extensions. I am rolling out an identical Symphony CMS for 10 or so websites over the coming months though and it seems that GIT will be the best way to do this, so I'd like to learn more. Not sure how advanced that is, but that's my level at the moment and I'll try and keep up with whatever is presented.

@cremol, I'm with you on the beginner front.. haven't pushed a site with Git, but have functioning local and remote repos for work use. Still Advanced is fun.. deepend = dive in :)

Advanced +1

@moonoo2: Allright I will take the red pill :)

I will take the red pill

You know that there is no return?

Yeah i guess... getting pretty exited now!

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