A new ensemble, "Bootstrap" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.


Thanks, Marco :-)

Stephen, that's awesome!!!



Can I make a site like this one : and then instead of categories a collapisble menu like the blogger archive block ? with this ensemble as base ?


@roelof, as a courtesy to other forum members, you don't need to start every post with Hello, and end with your name. It's just not necessary here.

Feel free to use the Bootstrap ensemble as you like. If you would like to use the HTML/CSS framework, that's one thing. But if you want to use this ensemble as a starting point for a blog site, I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't have any blog functionality, so you would effectively be starting from scratch. These features can be added to the ensemble, but if you want a good starting point, I would start with Piano Sonata, Pompodium or Symphony Demo.

Thanks for the tips. I take a look at the three.

Mr bauhous.. I has question.

If I want to use the HTML/CSS with Symphony Demo ensemble.. Where do I be cloning it to? Does it go into my workspace or umm..... ?? somewhere else?

Currently I have it in my main directory in its own bootstrap folder. Is that right?

If all you're looking for is the HTML/CSS, I would clone the responsive fork of the Bootstrap repository into your workspace. I added it as a submodule in the Bootstrap ensemble.

To clone the repo into a directory called bootstrap in the workspace:

cd /path/to/symphony/install/workspace
git clone --branch responsive git:// bootstrap

Or, to add the repo as a submodule:

cd /path/to/symphony/install
git submodule add --branch responsive git:// workspace/bootstrap

But there's no reason you couldn't have the bootstrap directory in the root directory of the site. I tend to keep everything in the workspace directory to maintain all assets used to customize a Symphony project in one place.

Yeah, that's great man. Cheers for doing this by the way, it is a wonderful help for a newb like me :)

I'm glad to hear it has been helpful for you :)

So very helpful. I hate to take things off topic but must express my joy. The internet has come such a long way since 2005. Things like css alpha channels were just emerging back then, as far as I remember but my gosh... I don't have to make my buttons in photoshop!!? That's incredible! Haha yes I've been living in a cave the past 6 years but me and bin laden.. we had a lot of fun times.

This has saved me hours of time and increased the fun of development by about 300%. Hats off to all involved.

It's great to see more frameworks like Bootstrap becoming available. I glad you're enjoying it.

It seems that your work inspired the Bootstrap team but where are the credits for you and Craig...

One comment, it seems to be broken with IE, perhap media queries are still not supported, so i relinked the stylesheet section.css only for ie at the end of the css imports. Assuming IE is a not a mobile. It seems to solve the issue. You can see a demo here : I didn't use the ensemble because i wanted to have a cms dedicated to the needs of my client. But thanks for your amazing work!

I have Bootstrap install is there any video tutorials on how to get your first site running.


I am making a website for someone using this ensemble as a template. Because she doesn't know html, I would like to use a wysiwyg editor for the text areas she's gonna edit. However, when I upload any extension other than the ones that come with the ensemble, the extensions page becomes inaccessible. I have also noted that it's kind of strange regarding markdown, I can disable and also uninstall, but doing so gets me a fatal exception. So I tried Markdown Editor, to no different result. I have tried other wysiwig editors as well as completely different extensions. Any advice?

I never used an ensemble, but I think this one is quite outdated to work with current extensions.

I recommend to use the latest Symphony 2.3.6 and to build up your site from there, or grab the GitHub version without the default workspace environment. Maybe you already do, sorry if I misunderstood.

For WYSIWYG I use CKEditor, I can make available my build with the latest CKE version 4.3.2 .

I noticed, so I tried to update but that wouldn't work. So rebuilding I guess.

What would you like to make available? A Custom ensemble you made?


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