A new XSLT utility, "Alphabet" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Thanks, great utility! May I suggest an addition? :-)

If you put the actual rendering of the letter and link in a separate template like so

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"

<xsl:template name="alphabet">   
    <!-- en -->
    <xsl:param name="s" select="'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'"/>
    <xsl:variable name="a">
        <xsl:value-of select="substring($s,1,1)"/>
    <xsl:variable name="s0">
        <xsl:value-of select="substring-after($s,$a)"/>

    <xsl:if test="$s != ''">
        <xsl:call-template name="alphabet-item">
            <xsl:with-param name="a" select="$a"/>
        <xsl:call-template name="alphabet">
            <xsl:with-param name="s" select="$s0"/>

<xsl:template name="alphabet-item">
    <!-- copy this template to your page XSL, then modify it to change the default display behaviour -->
    <xsl:param name="a" select="''" />
    <a href="#{$a}"><xsl:value-of select="$a"/></a>


The developer could easily override the default display according to his needs without having to modify your utility but instead copying the template to his/her page or master.xsl template.

Alphabet updated to version 1.0.1 on 9th of November 2011

Thanks phoque! I updated the utility on your recommendations.

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