Facebook toolkit updated to version 1.1 on 20th of March 2013

Hm, 1.1 doesn't seem to be working for me in Symphony 2.3.1. I get the FB popup/prompt and allow it, but if I check ?debug afterwards, I still get <facebook logged-in="false" page-liked="false" />

I've set the app id and secret correctly, attached the event, used the latest code from the readme, and I've tried both the div.fb-login-button, and the login() function. Both giving me the same results.

I'm running this locally, so perhaps that's the issue, but I've altered my hosts file to point the future domain to my local stuff, so that should be working, if I'm not mistaken.

See anything obvious that I may have overlooked? Or a way I can debug further? I see no console errors or anything after clicking the buttons.

Do you have the Facebook SDK installed?

Well, the SDK is there, but I'm not sure if it's "installed". I ran the git submodule update --init command. I just double checked and it's definitely in the extensions/facebook_toolkit/lib directory.

That's all that needed to happen for it to work, right?

I'm experiencing some other trouble. When I visit a page, I get logged-in = 'false', which then triggers login() and refreshes the page. This happens only occasionally. I think after inactivity for a period. Perhaps FB or the event is losing the session?

Hi, i am trying to use this and it seems to work properly but i don't get information back even if i get login=true. I refresh the page after login with window.location.href=window.location.href but my params are all empty.

What can i do to see them? Thanks

@peotus this extension looks abandoned. I suggest you try to get in contact with the author via github. Or fork it and try to fix it yourself. The Facebook API might have changed a bit in the last 4 years.

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