We now have a RC4

It's finally time to put some hot new code in your hands for the upcoming 2.3 release!

The Symphony 2.3 Beta 1 is our first official 'stick in the mud' for the 2.3 branch and the focus of this release is to get the Team and Working Group's work out into the wild for feedback and testing.

This is an important milestone for extension developers and I encourage developers to read the Migration Guide and ask questions wherever necessary to ensure the transition from 2.2 to 2.3 is as painless as possible. There are a couple of breaking changes that will probably affect a number of extensions.

There is some more exciting supporting documentation and articles to come to help extension developers, but it's not quite ready yet, so stay tuned!

Please do not use this on production sites. It's untested, unproven and may result in Santa skipping your house this year

Get amongst it

Help us

We have an issue tracker on Github and if you encounter anything that doesn't work, feels broken, or could be improved please create an issue!


Yay! Already running on my localhost :-) Seems like PHP 5.3 is a requirement now?

A new manager, PageManager provides an interface for the sym_pages and sym_page_types

Whoaaaaaa ! I've always wanted this for Christmas:)

Localhosted here too. The admin interface updates are fantastic! I particularly like the new button styles. The Data Source and Events views are going to be very useful. Looking forward to digging in deeper.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

Beautiful UI, love it. Localhosted and playing :) woop! seriously this is fantastic work. kudos to all involved.

Excited for the new version as well. Quite beautiful and simple. I like getting rid of "Components" another meaningless term and just having Pages, Events, and Utilities stand alone.


Is there a rough timeline indicating when this beauty will be released? Or simply »when it’s ready«? :)

Feb 2012. We're going for a longish cycle to give extension developers as much time as possible to update. Thanks for all the kind words :)

@brendo sounds good! the admin actually has some elements of my secret admin_css_override styles, I must have an internal leak! :·)

miss the old palette

Other than that, great work!

Just to make everyone who develops extensions aware, you really need to read the notes on development and release for this version.

It will break extensions, so please upgrade any you have developed and intend to continue supporting.

Nice, i love the interface, big up to everyone involved!

The best thing: The interface isn't completely done yet. :-)

@alpacaaa admin_css_override that should still work I hope :D

I'm attempting to update extensions for Symphony 2.3 and I'm wondering whether there will be API documentation that reflects the changes in the beta.

I am also thinking specifically about the Export Ensemble extension and how best to go about updating the extension, unless someone else already has intentions to work on this. I'm just starting to wrap my head around the Migration Guide.

It looks like this was all that was needed to update the Configuration extension for Symphony 2.3. Would that be about right?

Are there any extensions – beside the core-extension – that already officially work in 2.3?

Installing Symphony is like buying a computer, the longer you can wait, the more you will get! :)

@bauhouse The documentation won't be updated prior to 2.3 sorry. We're hoping to make the Migration Guide the one stop shop for developers. If there is anything missing let me know. Your commit should be fine, the dependent classes will already be autoloaded in the context of the extension.

@animaux I think Nick Dunn has made a start with some of his extensions. I'm planning on updating mine when work knocks off for the year. I expect it to be fairly gradual until 2.3 lands, then it'll probably be as the demand increases developers will update. Obviously I'd prefer it if developers updated or attempted to update during the Betas/RC to help find bugs or suggest improvements, but December/January is typically a quiet period and everyone needs a break sometime :)

@brendo thanks for elaborating :)

Merry Christmas Symphonyians, Symphony 2.3 Beta 2 is here :)


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